• Is there a shuttle bus or accommodation packages?
    We are preparing shuttle bus and accommodation packages.
    Since it is a different venue from last year, we are reviewing various ways regarding shuttle buses and accommodation which will be available in April.
  • When is the information about camping available?
    Right now, details regarding the camping are in discussion and will be available in April.
    The method of purchasing camping tickets or the guidelines for camping will not be dramatically changed.
    However, since the hosting ground of the festival has changed, we will carefully consider every option for your comfortable and enjoyable stay.
  • What if I lose my ticket?
    You will not be able to enter if you lose your ticket.
    We cannot reissue your ticket under any circumstances. So please make sure to not lose your ticket.
  • What are the hours for entry and exit?
    The hours of entry and exit, for the different wristband types, are below.
    Entry and exit at hours outside of these hours is not possible. And if you have a wrist band for the wrong date and time, you will be asked to leave. 
    3days + camping July 21 (Thu) 17:00 - July 25 (Mon) 09:00
    3days July 22 (Fri) 11:00 - July 25 (Mon) 09:00
    1day (July 22) July 22 (Fri) 11:00 - July 23 (Sat) 09:00
    1day (July 23) July 23 (Sat) 11:00 - July 24 (Sun) 09:00
    1day (July 24) July 24 (Sun) 11:00 - July 25 (Mon) 09:00
  • I want to cancel or refund my ticket.
    Changes, cancellations or refunds are only possible through the purchase site and will follow the policies of that website.
    Please refer to Festival Information > Cancellation Policy.
    And more detailed information can be found at the purchase site. 
  • Is re-entry to the festival possible?
    YES. However, only if you have the wristband for that day on.
  • I want to pick up my ticket on-site. Why is this not an option?
    The daily head-count of the Valley rock Festival reaches over ten thousand.
    If the majority of ticket holders choose on-site pick up, the process will take a long time and entrance will be slow.
    Therefore, tickets are mailed out. If you purchase a ticket after all tickets are sent out, you may pick up on site.
    However, please keep in mind the discount rate is different from reserving a ticket before head.
  • Is there and age limit?
    The Valley Rock Festival is suitable for all ages and children up to elementary school can enter for free.
  • Can you re-issue a wrist band if it is damaged or lost?
    The wristband is specially made to not be damaged or tear without forcible effort.
    If a wristband is damaged or lost to individual fault, it will not be replaced.
    Only when the ticket is traded in for a wrist band and it is faulty, it can be exchanged before entry.
  • How can we get free admission for children under elementary school?
    Child under elementary school gets free admission when entering along with parents with tickets (or one of the parents with a ticket).
    Documents that prove the date of birth of a child is needed and will be checked at the information counter at the ticket box.
    (Possible documents: certificate of family/ health insurance certificate / identification card / passport)
    * When present without checking documents, you must buy the ticket at the ticket box in order to enter.
  • What is the reason for acquiring to wear sneakers even though the weather is hot?
    It is easy get toe injuries when wearing slippers or flip-flops that expose toes, especially when entering near the stage barricade with excessive amount of people.
    It is recommended to wear sneakers, boots, or slippers with closed toes. 
  • Can I wear heels? I am short.
    We will not stop you from entering. But the event is held on the grass and heels may be uncomfortable.
    Also, for other peoples’ safety, we may prevent you from going into the barricaded area in front of the stage.
    So please wear comfortable shoes for a fun and comfortable experience. 
  • Why can’t we bring umbrellas?
    Large umbrellas and any long type of bars are designated as prohibited items for the safety issues.

    For these reasons, short umbrellas are allowed.
    However, the act of opening the umbrellas when walking (danger of poking others with the tip of the umbrella) or disturbing the performance by using the umbrellas can be restrain the use of umbrella.

    For the comfortable viewing, please bring a raincoat or purchase the raincoat that is available at the venue.
  • Is it okay to bring my own food?
    Yes. Food that is in airtight container, lunch box, and thermos or reusable containers is allowed.
    Drinking water is also allowed to bring in without restriction.
    However, please note the hot weather so please prepare or consume your food according to the weather so that there is no problem regarding hygiene / health issues.  
  • Can we buy food from outside and bring it in?
    Food from outside vendors (that is not in reusable container) or snacks is prohibited to enter.
    Over 500ml of beverage per person, sanitary, pollution, food that might cause discomfort to others / foods that are suspected of selling purposes will be prohibited.
    If these items are brought to the venue, it will have to be thrown away at the search stand or should be eaten prior to entering. 
  • Is there food for baby if I want to bring a baby?
    We do not have food for babies so please prepare your own. Make sure that the food doesn’t spoil or deteriorate. 
  • Can we bring the icebox?
    Yes, iceboxes are allowed. However, we will perform internal audit when going through the search stand and only allowed items will be entered through. 
  • I brought prohibited item by accident. It is expensive so can you store it for me?
    Prohibited items will not be stored for you.
    In case of smuggling in the prohibited items that are previously noted, you must dispose it on your own before entering or store it outside of the venue individually.
    There will not be any storing available at the search stand.
    Please excuse that the luggage storage within the venue will not store any prohibited items and be cautious of not bringing any prohibited item by accident.
    Regarding more information regarding prohibited information are in festival info > Getting ready > No section. 
  • Why isn’t a drone or RC toy allowed?
    Wireless controlled items are prohibited due to the fact that it can affect the radio frequencies of audio system of the performance.
    Since this is a festival for all ages, safety concern is also one of the reasons why they are prohibited. 
  • Is there something to eat within the festival area?
    There will be various quality and safety approved food and beverage booths within the festival area.
    You may freely enter/exit the festival area so you may use outside food vendors. 
  • Will there be any merchandise items available for purchase?
    There will be official Jisan Valley Rock Festival merchandise available for purchase.
    Exchange and refunds for the merchandise bought in the site will not be available but, exchange for the defective items are available for the same item. 
  • Are there alcoholic beverages and cigarettes available for purchase?
    Yes. However, people with adult certified wristband can purchase them.
    Regarding adult certification, please check festival info > admission> adult certification. 
  • Can we ride bicycles, skateboards, scooters, electric vehicles within the festival site?
    No. Including the items listed above and any items with wheels are prohibited items.
    Stollers and wheelchairs are allowed to enter but can be restricted in certain areas for safety issues.
  • The resort is within the mountain area. Will there be lots of bugs?
    Jisan Resort is located within the environment with forest, trees, grass and streams so there are various bugs.
    Please prepare anti-pest mist (gas rechargeable spray not allowed) or anti – pest bracelet and arm protector, legging for leisure activities will be helpful.
    Valley Rock Festival will also precede several disinfectants to reduce any discomfort regarding bugs. 
  • Can we bring canopy, floor mat, or camping chairs?
    Small sized floor mat, camping chair, and canopy is allowed.
    Excluding the floor mat, camping chairs and canopy (for 2~3 people or less) can be installed only at the designated area.
    Relocation might be suggested when it causes discomfort for the others, interrupts the walking area, or it raises a safety concerns.
    If there is a problem while long vacancy, that particular item can be dismantled or relocated. 
  • I want to install a hammock on the tree and rest.
    Installing a hammock on the tress within the festival site is not allowed.
    Removal of any hammock or unauthorized items will be removed.
    It is for safety and protection of the environment so your cooperation will be appreciated.
  • I want to bring my kids but I am afraid of losing them
    The wristband that includes the name, age, special note, and the contact information of the guardian will be provided so please make sure to fill in all the information before entering.
    Please educate the children to go to the information booth or ask people around them to escort them to the information booth in event of losing their guardian. 
  • I found a lost or missing item. What should I do?
    Bring the found item to the information booth or give it to the nearest operating staff. 
  • I lost something. What should I do?
    All the items that are retrieved are primarily gathered at the information booth.
    Best effort to find lost items will be given but the responsibility of the item is upon the owner.
    So please don’t bring any valuable items and be cautious of the items that you bring. 
  • Can I bring my pet?
    No. For the pleasant and safe viewing, pets are not allowed.
    There is an exception for the guide dogs for the visually impaired. 
  • Can I bring cameras?
    Photo and video taking for personal use is allowed.
    Professional equipment or large accessories (tripod, large lighting device, large camera lenses) are prohibited because they can cause discomfort to other audience and cause infringement of copyright and portrait right protection.
    The weather is with high temperature and high humidity and there is a possibility of rain so it is recommended that not to bring camera, camcorders, or any other electronics that are sensitive to weather conditions.
  • I want to film the performance!
    Recording or filming the performance without advanced authorization, you can be subject to legal action regarding copyrights and portrait right protection.
    Taking photos or videos with cellphone camera, tablet, or any other personal device can be restricted due to artist’s request.
  • Can we use selfie stick?
    Yes, selfie sticks are allowed in the festival site.
    However, it is not allowed in the barricade zone in front of the stage due to the possibility of disturbance of other audiences’ view.
    It is also dangerous to use the selfie stick in presence of many people or moving people.
    The allowance and the use of selfie stick may vary from day to day since some of the artists may request the banning of selfie sticks during the performance.
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